Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sun= The Reason For The Season


It is that time of year again- the shortest day and an opportunity to welcome back the sun. This day, of course, has been celebrated for thousands of years. Many ancient traditions mark this day as the rebirth of the sun god.
Yule is upon us and it is a good time for meditating on the year ahead- another opportunity to change, transform and renew.
Happy Solstice Everyone!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kathleen Lolley

Kathleen Lolley is a storyteller via gorgeous illustrations. I just found her work today and am astounded. She really does send the viewer to a magical world...

Too Wonderful!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more miniatures

I sold out of my little wreath paintings a few days ago- but now have more to display in my shop. I'm trying to mainly focus on North American forest animals right now- though I'm sure I will start expanding geographically soon...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Moss Paintings

I have a couple of new pieces up in the store- Hand crafted frames of moss surrounding original paintings of animals. I love the forest and these little paintings remind me of my favorite wanderings through the woods. I think they have a bit of a fairytale quality to them and I'm thinking this year of doing a fairytale Holiday tree- lots of woodland animals, maybe even a few fairies, witches and other curious characters mixed in..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isabellas Art

There are so many wonderful artists out there- too many to name. I just found another one that I love:
Isabella is an artist inspired by myth and fairytale- she creates unique illustrations and (very cool) shadow puppets. I want one!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Texas- who knew?

McKinney Falls State Park
I recently moved to Central Texas from Portland, OR. Portland is a wonderland for me- lovely and mysterious- I love the way nature still overtakes the city in all of the beautiful parks and neighborhoods. I have spent many days and evenings in Portland, just walking around under the canopy of trees- feeling a connection with nature within the town.

I didn't imagine that TX could create that same feeling for me- but I was wrong! I bought a State Park pass shortly after moving here and have spent quite a lot of time hiking with my sweet friend (and dog) Tinker- exploring various parks in the hill country. There are so many beautiful parks here- and so many different types of geographical environments- from partial desert, to shrub covered hills, to forests- it's really quite amazing!

Guadalupe River State Park

Though I do miss my beloved Portland, I have found a home here in the wilds of Texas- and am happy to explore this beautiful land.

Colorado Bend State Park

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Miniature Art Show- Seattle

I have work up in this show-

If you are in the Seattle area- please check it out! There will be another show in December- more details to follow...

The Path Through The Woods- Oil on Board, 4"x 4"

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Holiday Ornaments

I have new work up on Etsy! These miniature paintings can be hung on the wall or on a Holiday tree. Measuring only 2.5 inches in diameter, they are composed of a tiny acrylic painting of various animals and birds- framed by a small grapevine wreath.

I have a strong love of all animals and a huge concern about environmental destruction. This issue is very important to me. Because of this, I have decided that 20% of proceeds from sales of my work will go to the World Wildlife Fund. This organization has been working for many years to assist in conservation of natural areas and animals, promotion of sustainable approaches of natural resources, and promotion of more efficient resources in order to reduce pollution. (

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year

Every year at this time- in honor of Dia De Los Muertos, I create a special altar. I like being able to honor those who have crossed to the other side- it is a wonderful tradition. This year, as the dead pass by, I will honor them with sweets, coffee, liqueur, candles, pictures, flowers, and a specially prepared dinner.
In remembrance of those special ones- Happy Dia De Los Muertos!

The Baron

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fairy Tale Box and Doll

I recently posted new items in my Etsy shop. I'm quite happy to be sharing these on Etsy- it has been a while since I used that forum to sell my work.

Among the items is my Briar Rose frame and doll- based on the fairytale Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty. The frame is handpainted - a fawn and a mourning dove peep out from the briar while the Beauty sleeps- or does she sleep?

A frog on the top of the frame watches over and a quote from the Emily Dickenson poem- "There's Something Quieter Than Sleep" scrolls across the front drawer. If you a never read this poem, I highly recommend it. It's quite beautiful:

There's something quieter than sleep
Within this inner room!
It wears a sprig upon its breast --
And will not tell its name.

Some touch it, and some kiss it --
Some chafe its idle hand --
It has a simple gravity
I do not understand!

I would not weep if I were they --
How rude in one to sob!
Might scare the quiet fairy
Back to her native wood!

While simple-hearted neighbors
Chat of the "Early dead" --
We -- prone to periphrasis
Remark that Birds have fled!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Frame and Doll

Front View

I recently finished another frame and doll in what looks like is going to be a series. This one is based on my fascination with Medieval paintings, style and life in general. I will sell this in my Etsy shop soon!

Side Views

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Journaling Again

I am recommitting myself to blogging- Always difficult for me as I am not a person of words, but am very inspired by images and communicate best (I believe) visually. I have finished new work of late though, and have entered a new era artistically. I am painting more- in both oils and acrylics.
I recently completed a commissioned project and wanted to share it here.

This is a canoe shaped frame- hand painted with acrylics. The doll seated within is a smaller version of the dolls that I create with epoxy resin, yarn, fabric and paints. The piece was inspired by a friend and the world of books that I lived in as a child (and still do). I was so pleased by the results that I will be creating more of these- with different themes- and selling them in my Etsy store.

Side Views