Monday, October 12, 2009

Fairy Tale Box and Doll

I recently posted new items in my Etsy shop. I'm quite happy to be sharing these on Etsy- it has been a while since I used that forum to sell my work.

Among the items is my Briar Rose frame and doll- based on the fairytale Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty. The frame is handpainted - a fawn and a mourning dove peep out from the briar while the Beauty sleeps- or does she sleep?

A frog on the top of the frame watches over and a quote from the Emily Dickenson poem- "There's Something Quieter Than Sleep" scrolls across the front drawer. If you a never read this poem, I highly recommend it. It's quite beautiful:

There's something quieter than sleep
Within this inner room!
It wears a sprig upon its breast --
And will not tell its name.

Some touch it, and some kiss it --
Some chafe its idle hand --
It has a simple gravity
I do not understand!

I would not weep if I were they --
How rude in one to sob!
Might scare the quiet fairy
Back to her native wood!

While simple-hearted neighbors
Chat of the "Early dead" --
We -- prone to periphrasis
Remark that Birds have fled!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Frame and Doll

Front View

I recently finished another frame and doll in what looks like is going to be a series. This one is based on my fascination with Medieval paintings, style and life in general. I will sell this in my Etsy shop soon!

Side Views