Sunday, January 31, 2010

a Little Byrd with beautiful taste

My friend, Rebekah has such a lovely vintage shop on Etsy I just wanted to share it:

She has the most beautiful taste - I love the way she looks at things- I guess with a folk-Victorian sensiblity- lots of lovely faded prints, old lace, animal trinkits, antique childrens' books...AND she is a talented seamstress who creates her own lovely accessories, house decor, and clothing. I especially love her super cute elfish hats (of which I now own 2!) and her fingerless cozy mittons. (shown)= Adorable!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lots of painting going on

I've been painting like mad lately- oils mostly. Because my primary paintings take 3-4 months to complete (I work in the "old master" style of layering or glazing over an underpainting- though I also employ some wet-on-wet techniques to parts of the painting.) I am just now able to show completed paintings that I started during the summer! The one above- "She Who Watches" is oil on board- measuring 6" x 6".
I'm thinking of having prints made for the shop or maybe producing note cards of this image.