Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Journaling Again

I am recommitting myself to blogging- Always difficult for me as I am not a person of words, but am very inspired by images and communicate best (I believe) visually. I have finished new work of late though, and have entered a new era artistically. I am painting more- in both oils and acrylics.
I recently completed a commissioned project and wanted to share it here.

This is a canoe shaped frame- hand painted with acrylics. The doll seated within is a smaller version of the dolls that I create with epoxy resin, yarn, fabric and paints. The piece was inspired by a friend and the world of books that I lived in as a child (and still do). I was so pleased by the results that I will be creating more of these- with different themes- and selling them in my Etsy store.

Side Views


Susan said...

I love this piece so much. And love the frame and doll series in general. This one is "The Reader" but the one above also makes me think that the person is tucked away immersed in reading. Makes me wish for a grey day with a compelling book and snacks close at hand, curled up by the fire!

littlebyrd said...

I love this - love the owl painted on the side. Your work is beautiful and magical Kelley!!

Kelley McClain said...

Thanks so much, ladies! You both are inspiring!