Saturday, March 29, 2008

a love affair

Yes, I'm having one- with Portland. Sure, right now it's almost April and it's freezing (snowed this morning)- but I can't help but love Bridgetown. - absolute best city in the US! I've lived many places, have been an explorer, a drifter and a gypsy, and I've loved every minute of it.
But Portland has captivated me for years.

Too Beautiful!

Portland has so many gorgeous elemants:
cloudy sky and rain, the industrial waterfront, the tree-filled streets, the victorian architecture, the bridges, the flowers, the hippy bicycle culture and attitude that helped to create the best mass transit system in the country! Oh yeah, and did I mention the coffee?!

I'm sitting at coffee as I type this in one of the many cute coffee bars in one of the many sweet, interesting neighborhoods here. Neighborhoods like Woodstock, Hawthorne, Alberta, Belmont,
Sellwood- all filled with funky little shops, creative types, sweet coffee houses, a bevy of quirky bars and cool restaurants, galleries, and usually surrounded on all sides by residential neighborhoods that contain everything from Victorian architecture to mid-20th century ranch houses. (With more than a few trees!)

It's a good life, folks, a good life!!